Where do I hold my event?


Location can be everything when it comes to planning an event you want people to remember for a long time to come. In Tibia, the locations are endless. There’s wide open plains, dark creepy caves, hills next to waterfalls, dry hot deserts, forests, jungles, guild halls, houses, and the many different town buildings to start with. That doesn’t even come close to naming all of the possibilities for holding your event.

Is it a public event or private?
This is the first question you should be considering.

Public events should always be held in easily accessible areas. Think back on any quests that you have joined in. Most of those groups meet at the local depot to get organized. This is to allow the people that are joining to get together and make sure everyone has what they need to get started. Along the same lines, if you hold an event for everyone to join in, then it should be in an area that can hold a lot of people. Smaller buildings would be unsuitable. Guildhalls, however, are very nice to have high traffic coming through them.

If it’s going to be a small event that is invitation only, you may want to look for a more remote location. Holding a wedding at the Thais crossroads would lead to a lot of spam and people asking what is going on here. If you held the wedding down by the Temple south of Thais, you would have less traffic interrupting it.
What levels are going to be there?

Naturally, everyone wants their event to be remembered. Weddings have been held all over Tibia. Some of the most magical ones that I have attended have been in locations that the faint of heart or lower levels could not get to. A demon spawn down under Edron, Dragon Lord lairs where fire was surrounding everything, and various other difficult to get to locations can be wonderful, but if your group consists of a bunch of level 30’s it is a bit unrealistic. What would happen if a demon spawned just as the event was getting started?

If you’re looking for a beautiful area, there are still plenty that low levels or mid-levels can gain access to without going through the risk involved in the ones mentioned above. Think about Meriana or Folda, where there’s tropics in one location and ice surrounding the other. These would both be suitable for lower levels to travel to if you wanted to be out of the way of the main traffic found in Tibia.
What type of event are you holding?

The type of event can have everything to do with your location as well. If you are having a huge scavenger hunt, for example, then you would want to be in an area where there are plenty of hiding places as well as plenty of room to run. If you were looking for a romantic area for a date for two, then a more cozy location would be suitable. The area’s around the waterfalls in Port Hope would work, depending on the direction you traveled to them from.

Basically, the more people you are having to your event, the more room you want to have readily available. A guild meeting can be held within a guild hall, but several guilds meeting together would require more space then the guild hall rooms offer. Keeping that in mind, if it is one guild meeting that you’re having, then you would not want to meet at Sam’s Inn for all of Thais to listen to it. Nor would you want to be buried inside a larva cave where only a couple of people could see what was being said at any given point in the cave.
Location. Location. Location.

Think carefully about what type of event you’re holding before you try to settle on an area to hold it in.
Planning an event takes time and effort. Remember that, and you’ll do just fine.


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