Underwater culture – Deeplings

hv82rkFrom their earliest days, the purpose of the Deepling lies in the protection of the temple cities and inner sanctums of God King Qjell. They are cunning hunters and powerful fighters with unmatched endurance, feared by even the fiercest creatures of Tibia’s seas.
God King Qjell created twelve species of deeplings: Workers, Scounts, Spellsingers, Warriors, Guard, Master Librarian, Elite, Tyran, Obujos, Tanjis and Jaul.
God himself gave a special powers to the most powerful one, Jaul.
This big creature is having a mission to protect pearl deep in the Tibian sea no matter what!
A mighty warrior cant defeat jaul himself, legends says that a group of brave warriors could kill this creature.

“The once bright centre of the Deepling community has been given up ever since the days of the Second Coming. After their leaders were convinced that their future lied above sea level, more and more of them stopped maintaining the archives and tending for the books. With the Deeplings rallying for war, the great halls of the library were soon abandoned. The culture of these creatures is complex enough to produce a significant amount of literature. I have found several works about sea animals, food, architecture and even early philosophical theories. However, progression of the Deepling culture in this direction has long been abandoned in favour of war preparations or social oppression of lower castes.” – Lagatos.

Young adventurer, grab your backpack and head to gray island where the mystery is awaiting for you! Legend says that the most brave deepling language users can obtain a special outfit! Good luck!

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