It was a warm, quiet evening in the house of TibiaNation. Not a creature was stirring, not even a cave rat. Okay, so Tibia doesn’t have sound or warmth – unless a dragon got the better of you, but that’s another story.
The adventurers were snuggled up in bed, with dreams of looting great and mighty items running through their heads.

A long day had passed, a collection of loot amassed. Screenshots taken, their life threads reawaken.
Another level, a new achievement, the boss slain – another milestone reached.2nlwm4l

All seemed well at TibiaNation, but as the night grew longer, a mythical creature killed the silence with unrelenting force…f9hac8

… their dreams shattered, for TibiaNation was ripped from grasp. A desperate plea returned no glee. Their home was gone.


But in the moment of sorrow, they had an idea…
… for TibiaNation was embarking on a new journey…