Top 5 Online Slots at the Moment

Online slots games were a success from the very moment they were launched on the market but nowadays there is huge demand for them. Some say that slots are for mindless people who just push a button and pray to win but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Each slot game comes with a story for players to immerse into. Themes are so varied that you will hardly find 2 identical slot games...

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Underwater culture – Deeplings

hv82rkFrom their earliest days, the purpose of the Deepling lies in the protection of the temple cities and inner sanctums of God King Qjell. They are cunning hunters and powerful fighters with unmatched endurance, feared by even the fiercest creatures of Tibia’s seas.
God King Qjell created twelve species of deeplings: Workers, Scounts, Spellsingers, Warriors, Guard, Master Librarian, Elite, Tyran, Ob...

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Where do I hold my event?


Location can be everything when it comes to planning an event you want people to remember for a long time to come. In Tibia, the locations are endless. There’s wide open plains, dark creepy caves, hills next to waterfalls, dry hot deserts, forests, jungles, guild halls, houses, and the many different town buildings to start with...

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Knightmare Stories I. – The Genesis of the Genesis

7de6a6683391c6cecee17aba801dd957It was soon after I had found Tibia in the depths of the internet that I began collecting ideas for a Tibian genesis. I was in no way affiliated with the game then. So, it was more than questionable if any ideas I had would ever come to fruition. Yet, if Tibia had little to offer in those days, it had one thing in abundance: space for your imagination.

I had read a lot and had played games with mo...

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The History of Information Gathering

For any game developing company, it is a wise decision to gather game-relevant information about the players who are playing your game, and to show interest in what your players have to say.
In the very beginning, you might follow your own vision only, but with time you simply need to know who you are developing for, who you attract with your game, what your so-called target group is, and what you...

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